10 Days or Less to Breakout Innovation

Play to Innovate - The Course

How You'll Benefit

Take one of your projects from average to market leader in 10 weeks or less, so that you can gain more sales, and be the dominant force in your industry.

What would it mean to you if the solutions you provide could always outperformed your competition? How would it feel if every idea you presented went beyond anything anyone else considered? What if there was no risk in failure, breaking the rules and trying break-out ideas?

Join the thousands of people who are discovering the mindset and technique that helps them find their creative genius. 

The international book, Play to Innovate, is now an acclaimed course. Are you ready to:

  • Leap ahead of your competition.
  • Move your work from ordinary to extraordinary.
  • Find great solutions to your most complex problems.
  • Get direct email and an hour 1-on-1 conference call with to the instructor.

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What You'll Learn

This workbook-style lesson is broken into four, convenient videos. By following the lesson and working through the included questions, you will:

  • Learn the tools and mindset required to drive consistent innovation in your work.
  • Discover the three questions you should be asking on every project.
  • Understand the often hidden patterns that hold back your organization.
  • Learn how to build a self-sustaining culture of consistent innovation.

Buy the companion book "Play to Innovate - edition 2" on Amazon 


Much of the creative process is a learned set of techniques that can be used by anyone, in any field

This course will teach you the tools and techniques you'll need to go beyond the average to find true innovation.

Buy the companion book "Play to Innovate - edition 2" on Amazon 

“In ‘Play to Innovate’, author and expert designer Bret Schwalb shares an innovative approach and necessary tools to help yourself and your team become better innovators and more creative thinkers. “
Marissa Q. Yelenosky, Emmy Award Winning Producer
Bret Schwalb
Bret Schwalb
Principal Instructor

About the instructor

Bret Schwalb has spent the last twenty years solving complex problems that result in highly innovative solutions. His career has spanned business and medical equipment, Websites and software with his award winning furniture having been recognized by national magazines.

For over fifteen years, Bret has used and taught Play to Innovate at companies from the Fortune 50 to small family-owned businesses. He is now available to speak to and train your group or organization to be more consistently innovative.

For more information or to book Bret to speak to your group:

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/bretschwalb

Facebook: facebook.com/play2innovate

Learn how to think beyond your competition.

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